Not your typical agency

We’re a small but agile team of 3 people, based out of Copenhagen Denmark. Having coached more than 3.400 agency owners in Facebook Ads, we’re confident in our ability to provide results. 

Most of these old fashioned agencies can’t keep up simply because they are not agile enough.

With us you can expect to always be kept in the loop.

You will never receive a standard performance report from us with metrics, KPI’s and words you know nothing about. Instead we take you through the past 14 days of performance, so you are always kept in the loop.

We keep you in the loop

Good and streamlined communication

One monthly meeting

Pro-active communication

How we operate

This is the important part – What is it we do to diversify? It’s quite simple to be fair, we do the work that others won’t.

Because we are a small team we are also very picky with whom we choose to work with. We don’t take a case in if there is no potential for scaling.

So the clients we do work with, we are very committed to making their case a success and if we can’t create a success, we will simply cancel the agreement – But to be honest, this only happens in 1/10 cases we take on.

Sedia SOP’s

Manual check of ad accounts

Manual reporting

Weekly double check of ad accounts

Bi-weekly performance updates

Monthly client meeting

Encouraging communication

Bi-weekly strategy session with the team

What you can expect as a client

Good and streamlined communication

Manual reporting

Bi-weekly performance updates

One monthly online meeting

A strategic and dedicated partner, without ownership

What we expect from our clients

Meets deadlines

Gives feedback

Good communication



Willingness to give responsibility



Our top 4 softwares

The softwares we use to create results for our clients

We use Slack to centralize all communication and save time

We use Calendly to schedule meetings fast and efficiently

We use Todoist to make sure we never miss a deadline on a task

We use Notion to structure all internal and external activities in databases

The first step

If the company you represent is currently grossing more than 15.000$/month, then you are qualified to apply as a client down below